You begged for it!  ... Disney's inspiring musical lives as never before on Hale's morphing Centre Stage! Waterfalls, streams, jungle enchantment - all a breath away! Exotic birds soar amidst the wild call of TARZAN! Edgar Rice Burrough's beloved story ... an orphaned boy is raised by gorillas - the only family he has ever known. He grows, he learns and then he meets ... Jane! All about heart, home and family. Featuring the Academy Award winning You'll Be in My Heart ... by Phil Collins and Hwang. Ingenious costumes and sets. A joyous, holiday delight.

Adult $48 - $52 • Youth (5-17) $24 - $26
No children under 5 permitted

Due to physical distancing restrictions, seating is only available online in groups of 1, 2, or 3.