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Monday, Wednesday, Friday Cast
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Cast

Cast List

The MWF cast also performs the Saturday 12:30 p.m. performance. The THS cast performs the Saturday 4:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Please note we can never guarantee a performer (especially for weekday matinees). An actor may change with their double or understudy at any time.

Mary Poppins

MWF Brittany Sanders
THS Debra Weed Hahn


BOTH Ben Butters
  Understudy: Dale Hoopes

Mr. George Banks

MWF Andrew Hansen
THS Darren Poulsen

Mrs. Winifred Banks

MWF Cecily Ellis-Bills
THS Michelle Blake

Jane Banks

MWF Lydia Oakeson
THS Alice Alcorn

Michael Banks

MWF Nolan Reinbold
THS Payson Inkley

Mrs. Brill

MWF Casey Matern
THS Kristi Curtis

Robertson Ay

MWF Joseph Paul Branca
THS Clayton Barney

Mrs. Corry

MWF Mandi Barrus
THS Eden Benson

Admiral Boom/ Park Keeper/
Bank Chairman

MWF Randy Honaker
THS Stephen Kerr

Katie Nanna/Bird Woman/
Miss Andrews

MWF Michelle Sundwall
THS Jennifer Parker Hohl

Man 1 / Neleus

MWF Noah Bradford
THS Alden Sturgeon

Man 2

MWF Abrin Tinney
THS Dale Hoopes

Man 3

MWF Jason Buonforte
THS Austin Dorman

Man 4

MWF Brendan Baker
THS Wyatt Hendricks

Man 5

MWF Patrick Wendel
THS David McMullin

Man 6

MWF Dave Hollerbach
THS Billy Horman

Woman 1

MWF Samantha Stuck
THS Brooke Storheim

Woman 2

MWF Elisse Shell
THS Abigail Smith

Woman 3

MWF Emily Pope West
THS Whitney Hatch

Woman 4

MWF Aria Love Jackson
THS Abigail Higbee

Woman 5

MWF Aubrielle Arroyo
THS Emily Tracy

Woman 6

MWF Bryn Campbell
THS Larissa Pearson