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Nathan and Ruth Hale - Theatre Legacy Timeline

1933 Nathan and Ruth Hale married
1934-1935 Nathan and Ruth Hale travel Utah putting on plays
1945 Hales move to California to tryout for Hollywood
1947 Nathan and Ruth open the 100-seat Glendale Centre Theatre, Colorado Street, Glendale, California
1959 Glendale Theatre moved to 230-seat facility on Doran Street; Sandra (daughter) and husband, Allan Dietlein become partners
1960 Glendale Theatre moved to 450-seat facility on Orange Street
1983 Nathan and Ruth sell Glendale Centre Theatre to partners Allan and Sandra Dietlein
1984 Nathan and Ruth retire to Utah
1985 Nathan and Ruth, with daughter, Sally Hale Rice, and grandson and his wife, Mark and Sally Dietlein, open the Hale Centre Theatre in South Salt Lake.
1989 Nathan and Ruth's daughters, Sally Hale Rice, Tanya Radebaugh and Sherry Brian, open Grover Summer Playhouse in Grover, Utah and operate the 200-seat theatre seasonally
1990 Nathan and Ruth'sprogeny, Cody and Linda Hale and Cody and Ann Swenson, found 305-seat Hale Centre Theatre Orem in Orem, Utah
1993 Glendale Centre Theatre sold to Tim and David Dietlein; now operated by Tim and Brenda Dietlein
1994 Nathan Hale passes away after 60 years of dedication to theatre
1998 Hale Centre Theatre moves to new 530-seat facility in West Valley City, Utah and becomes a non-profit organization
2002 David and Corrin Dietlein open 380-seat Hale Centre Theatre Arizona in Gilbert, Arizona
2003 Ruth Hale passes away after nearly seven decades of contributing to the theatre
2007 Hale Centre Theatre Orem breaks ground for new 522-seat theatre and becomes a non-profit organization

Editors Note:  Each of the theatres is independently owned and operated.